Are Genital Warts Curable
Genital Warts Cure

The first question that many people ask me when they discover that they have contracted warts on their genitals is whether there is a genital warts cure or not. When you have an STD, the first thing that you want to do is to get rid of it so you can get on with your life disease free.

Here are a few of the main reasons that people want to cure themselves of these warts forever.

1. If you are in a relationship and you cheated, these nasty lumps on your genital are a sure fire way that you will be caught.

2. If you meet someone new, you do not want them to be repulsed by the fact that you have this STD.

3. If you are going to take the next step or sexual intercourse with someone that you love, you do not want to take the risk of giving them genital warts.

4. You do not want to feel like you are dirty and tainted.

5. Genital warts and other STDs are seen as a sign that you are promiscuous and that is not what you want others to think of you.

6. You do not want anyone to see these warts when you are in a swim suit or standing at a urinal.

Unfortunately, the statement that “There is a genital warts cure.” is a fallacy. That is right. It is false. As a matter of fact there is no cure for genital warts.

Before you start to panic let me just tell you that this does not mean that you will have to live with penis warts, vaginal warts or anal warts for the rest of your life. In fact, once you clear up this outbreak of warts, you may never have another one again!

Here is a quick explanation of why that is true. Genital warts are caused by a virus known as the Human Papillomavirus or HPV. This virus, in its active form, produces proteins that cause the growth of genital warts. There is no cure for HPV, once you have it, you will always have it. But it is possible for the virus to be in its inactive form. This means that it is not producing any proteins that cause the growth of warts on your genitals. It is actually quite likely that after your initial outbreak your body’s immune system will fight off the virus and force it into dormancy. At this stage your immune system has built up your bodies ability to keep this virus dormant for the rest of your life. The virus will only return to its active state if your immune system is compromised.

So not there is not genital warts cure but it is possible to get rid of them and never have them return!

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Genital Warts Cure

How To Get Rid Of Genital Warts As Quick As Possible

Have you been unlucky enough to develop genital warts? Are you wondering how to get rid of genital warts forever? Unfortunately, treating warts on the genital area can be a frustrating process. About 25% of the time you can expect the wart to return after it has been removed. This means that your treatment can be a long and drawn out painful and stressful process. It can involve spending a lot of cash and making frequent visits to your doctors office.

Does it feel like your life is on hold until you get rid of the pesky little warts? I will bet that you will not be able to enjoy any sexual experience until you rid your genitals of each and every wart. You will be conscious and paranoid about the warts. You will wonder if your partner notices them? Is it a huge turn off for them? Will they not want to see you again after?

Although genital warts are not life threatening, they can change your life in ways that you would never have expected including doing huge damage to your self esteem levels.

That is why I am sure that you are extremely eager to learn how to get rid of genital warts quickly and permanently!

Ok, here is the lowdown.

The warts that grow on your genitals are caused by certain strains of a virus known as HPV. This means to completely get rid of genital warts, you need to rid your body of the virus. Unfortunately, once you become infected with HPV you can never completely rid your body of it. But, the good news is that there are more than one phases of the virus. These are active and inactive.

When the virus is active, it is producing proteins in your body and these proteins are responsible for the growth of genital warts. When the virus is inactive it is not producing these proteins. So this means that in order to prevent the warts from returning, the virus must not be producing any proteins.

If the virus is still active and you get the warts that you have treated, they will just grow back but if the virus is inactive and the warts are treated, you can expect that now more warts will grow back.

So how do you get the virus into its dormant phase? You boost your immune system so that it can do its job and fight of the virus and force it into its inactive state.

Here are a few of the main ways that you can do this:

1. Healthy Diet 2. Exercise 3. Quitting Smoking 4. Reducing Alcohol Intake 5. Take supplements that boost your immune system such as Echinacea

It has also been shown that treating your warts can help suppress the HPV DNA which produces the proteins, therefore the actual treatment of warts can help to damper the virus also.

Source: How To Get Rid Of Genital Warts

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Genital Wart Removal

***Genital Wart Removal***

If you have genital warts, I am nearly certain that genital wart removal is on your mind very often through out the day. These warts are not harmful to your health so it is your choice whether you treat these warts or not. In fact it is common that you will hear your doctor recommend that you leave the warts alone and see if they go away on their own accord. I’ll bet if the doctor had the warts they would want to get rid of them as soon as possible too.

Genital warts are nasty little lumps that can grow on the penis, vagina or anus. These warts can be on their own or they can grow in little clusters. If the warts are left untreated it is not uncommon for them to grow larger and spread and develop from one wart into a cluster of about 100 warts. These warts will not damage you physically but they can have a devastating effect on your self esteem and confidence. Because of the sexual nature of warts on the genital, many people that have them feel dirty and embarrassed and extremely ashamed to admit that they have them.

Imagine how it will feel when you build up the courage to see a doctor about the warts and the doctor tell you to leave them alone and see if they will go away.

Here are 3 of the main reasons that it is good to removal genital warts rather than leave them and see if they go away on their own:

1. You will feel better about yourself when you are wart free. 2. Can help to prevent the warts from growing and spreading. 3. Research has shown the treating genital warts can help damage the HPV DNA that causes the warts and therefore decrease the possibility of the recurrence of the warts.

There are genital wart removal methods that you can implement for yourself from the privacy of your home.

Here is a list of the reasons that a home genital wart removal method might suit you:

Your doctor want you to wait for a few weeks to see if the warts go away on their own but you want to get rid of them as soon as possible You prefer to treat the warts on your genital naturally from home. You feel to embarrassed or ashamed to visit a doctor. You have been seeing your doctor for treatment but you have been having little success and the warts are not going away or they have quickly been coming back. You cannot afford to see a doctor You want to get rid of genital warts as soon as possible rather than waiting for a doctors appointment. You know that there are home remedies that are more effective than the treatment that you will receive at your doctor. Etc. Do you want to read about the “Ultimate Genital Wart Home Remedy” that been proven to be quick, effective and painless?

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Small Genital Warts

The dreaded has occurred. You put your hand down to your genital area and you feel a lump down there. At first you hope that it might be a zit. When you realize it is not a pimple you hope that it may be something else, anything else. Finally it hits you. You have a wart on your genital area. It is only one wart, it is a small genital wart, hopefully it will go away on its own. Well think again. Many people notice that they have one little wart down there and instead of taking action and doing what they need to do to get rid of the wart, they ignore the problem. They hope that it will go away on its own. This is the exact opposite of what you should do. In most cases of genital warts, they will get a lot worse before they get better. In some cases, hundreds of warts can grow before your immune system kicks in and starts to get rid of them. But if you treat small genital warts immediately, as soon as you notice that you have them, there is a good possibility that you may prevent an outbreak from occurring. The reason that you have developed genital warts, is because you have had sexual contact with a person that has HPV. HPV is the Human Papillomavirus. Some people may have this virus but never develop warts. These people can still pass on the virus and the person that they pass it to may develop warts. Because the warts are caused by a virus, you need to get the virus under control, in order to get rid of the small genital warts that you have developed. To do this you need to boost your immune system through diet and exercise. You also need to treat the warts that you have as this helps to stop the growth of HPV DNA. For More Information about Small Genital Warts and if you want to know how to treat warts quickly, painlessly and naturally from the comfort of your home… Click Here—-> Cure Genital Warts

How To Remove Genital Warts

Are you wondering how to remove genital warts? There is so much conflicting information on the internet and old wives tales passed from person to person regarding the removal of genital warts, that it can be quite a difficult task to decipher fact from fiction. In this article, I am going to finally reveal to you the truth about how you can get rid of this irritating problem, if you find that you have been infected.
Before, I reveal the information, first I have to tell you a bit about genital warts and how they infected you. These warts are caused by the Human Papillomavirus, which is also referred to as HPV. There are over 100 different strains of HPV but only a few of them will cause warts to grow on your genital region. When this virus infects you, if it is in its active phase, it will produce proteins that cause the growth of the warts.
In order for you to get rid of your warts and to prevent new ones from returning, you will have to stop this virus from producing the proteins that cause the warts to grow.
How do you do this?
First, you need to boost your immune system so it can fight of the virus and suppress it into it’s dormant phase. In the dormant phase, the HPV will not produce the wart causing proteins, therefore no new warts will grow. The easiest ways to boost your immune system are via diet, exercise, reducing alcohol intake, quitting smoking and taking immune system boosting supplements such as Echinacea.
Next, you need to remove the warts that have already appeared. It has been shown by scientists that getting rid of the warts that are already there damages the HPV DNA in the skin and weakens it. This is another way to suppress the virus. There are a number of ways that you can remove the warts either by visiting your doctor or treating your warts from the comfort of your own home. The method that you chose to do this is really a matter of personal preference. Some people feel more comfortable with a doctor and for others the thoughts of visiting a doctor to get their genital warts removed, is the last thing that they want to do.
Remember that you should treat genital warts as soon as you discover them. The longer you leave them the more chance that they have of growing and spreading.
Do your warts make you feel dirty and bad. Do you want to get rid of them as soon as you possible can?

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how to remove genital warts

Are Genital Warts Curable

**Want to know how to get rid of genital warts quickly and painlessly from home? Get Rid Of Genital Warts**

The first question that pops into the head of a person that has just discovered that they have genital warts is: “Are Genital Warts Curable?”. In this article I will answer this question for you. I would like to start of by telling you a bit about genital warts and how you contract them. Warts on the genital region are caused by certain strains of HPV or Human Papillomavirus. In order for you to display these warts you must have first contracted HPV.

HPV is an extremely contagious virus that is passed from person to person via skin to skin contact. It is possible to contract HPV even when you are practicing safe sex. There are over 100 strains of HPV and only about 3 of these cause warts on the genitals. Other strains of HPV can cause cervical cancer, so it is not a virus that should be taken lightly.

In order for you to cure your genital warts you will first have to get rid of the HPV. There is bad and good news here. Unfortunately, HPV is not curable. Once you contract HPV there is no way to get rid of it. Therefore, genital warts are not completely curable. The good news is that it is possible to get rid of the warts so that you do not have to live your life with your genital region covered in warts for the rest of your life.

If you discover that you have genital warts and you want to get rid of them here are a few steps that you should take:

Build up your immune system

If your immune system is healthy and functioning at its best, it is possible that your immune system will suppress this virus to the point that it lies dormant in your body and is not active and not producing the chemicals that cause the growth of warts on your genital. The best ways to ensure that your immune system is functioning at its best is to eat healthily, quit smoking, cut back on alcohol intake and exercise regularly. Treat the warts that you currently have so that they do not spread and multiply. There are multiple ways that you can do this.

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